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Data Centre Reports

Due Diligence, Feasibility, Site Selection, Test to Fit, Tier Compliance, GAP Analyses, Site Inspections, Power & Fiber Availability, Risks & Hazards

Data Centre Design & Build

3D Models, Pre-concept Models, Technology Workshops, Concept Design, Detailed Design, PUE & CFD Analyses, Technical Specifications, Tender Documentations

Data Centre Test & Commissioning

Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), Site Acceptance Tests (SAT), Functional Tests and Integrated System Tests (IST) in accprdance with International Data Centre Standards.

Data Centre Training and Certifications

Snagging Lists, Technical and Operational Trainings, Operation Sequences and Procedures, Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Manuals, Uptime Institute Tier Certification, EN50600 Certification.

Best DC

Global System Integrator

Best-DC continues to leverage its quarter-century of experience in the telecommunications and information technology sector, focusing particularly on data center installation and consultancy services.

As a global player in the industry, our company operates across a broad geography from Europe to America, Asia to the Middle East and Africa, offering our customers the most up-to-date and reliable data center solutions. Best-DC stands out in the sector with its deep expertise in data centers while providing a wide range of services from private communication networks to smart city applications, from IoT to cybersecurity.

Doğru Planlama, Doğru Ürün, Doğru Kurgu
Our Solutions

Focusing on customer business objectives, this work involves the analysis of the current situation and the experiences gained, preferences, and constraints to plan and design the customer’s new IT infrastructure. BEST focuses the client’s existing facilities and constraints, future plans and goals, standards and recommendations, and IT future trends.

Taking Responsibility for the Environment

Best DC follows an environmentally respectful policy to promote the widespread use of renewable energy sources. There must be an understanding that both individuals and businesses need to take responsibility to protect our future. If we make our decisions considering their impact on nature, our world can be advanced much further.